Promotional Catalogues

We know that many of our customers like to keep to the traditional ways of browsing the available products. For this reason, once a month we create special promotional catalogues for you, presenting a wide range of cosmetics from the best Polish and foreign manufacturers.

Sonia Promotional Catalogue

We prepare our magazines with due care. We create them in cooperation with specialists in the field. We want them to be structured in the clearest possible way, making it easier to find the right product. The cosmetics we offer are sorted by brand. Each product is accompanied by a price and sometimes by brief information outlining the main qualities.

First Page

On the first page of the Sonia magazine we publish a list of all regional sales coordinators, including their names, telephone numbers and a detailed description of their area of activity. This makes the communication process much easier. We want our customers to have all the most important information in each of our promotion channels at their fingertips. We also provide a complete list of cosmetic manufacturers whose products we offer.

Products we Offer

Sonia Promotional Catalogue zcontains products from various categories. As a wholesaler we offer a wide range of different cosmetic products. You can find make-up, face and body care products, nail polishes, perfumes, hair dyes and various chemical products. However, our range also includes other products such as scented candles and medicines.

Sonia Cosmetics Wholesaler’s Promotional Catalogue – see what we offer

After a thorough study of what we offer, the customer can easily place an order via the Internet. On the last page of our product catalogue there are brief instructions on how to do this quickly and efficiently. Give it a try!

Browse the Catalogues Regularly

We encourage you to keep up to date with our catalogues. It is no secret that we offer a huge selection of different types of products from different brands and with different qualities. For this reason it can sometimes be quite problematic to keep up with all the best opportunities. That is why it is a good idea to look through the promotional catalogues. We create them especially for you, as we want to give all our customers the chance to save a lot of their valuable time. So? Will you be following our publications regularly?

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